Where Should I Place My Banners?


Most small and midsize advertisers do not have a large enough budget to contact large sites directly for banner placements therefore the best option is to utilize ad networks that distribute the banners for you. There are a number of useful ad networks that cater to small advertisers:

1. Google Ad Words Image Display – A few years ago Google expanded their offering from text ads only to display images as well. The system is simple and user friendly. They have an internal image ad builder but the result is an unprofessional template looking banner, therefore a professional design service is recommended. Payment is on a CPC or CPM basis.

2. AdBrite -Similar to Google’s network just much smaller. Simply upload your banner and choose a category in which yyou’d like your banner to appear. Payment is on a CPC or CPM basis.

3. LinkShare – There are countless affiliate networks, and LinkShare is one of the larger ones. Payment is on a CPA basis, meaning you will only pay if a user ends up taking action such as purchasing a product or service.

If you can afford it you can utilize an agency that will handle all your online marketing needs. Doing it on your own is quite simple actually, but tracking the campaign can be somewhat labor intensive if you are running your ads on multiple channels. If you’ve chosen the channel in which you’d like to run your campaign you’ll have to hire a graphic designer or use a banner ad design service to create effective eye catching banners.


Source by Jane Stone

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