How to Make Money with Pay-to-Click Ad Networks

At first glance, many people wrongly assume that there is little to no money to be made with PTC ad networks. This is because the earnings can be small at first, but friends I am here to tell you that it is entirely possible to earn a substantial residual income from these pay-to-click sites.

First and foremost, any money you can get for clicking ads or doing small tasks is a bonus. Free money is even better, and many sites offer perks just for signing up. This money adds up over time, and when you employ the following tips I am about to show, you can really start to multiply your earnings. Let’s begin!

Tip 1. Sign up for a few PTC sites to start

It can be overwhelming if you sign-up for too many sites to begin with, so it’s best to pick a few high paying PTC sites to start with. Click on some advertisements to get an idea of how Pay-to-click websites work. Make sure you fill out your profile and payment information so you can receive withdrawals. After you get the hang of it, you can sign up for more PTC sites to multiply your earnings.

Tip 2. Use a Spreadsheet to keep track of all your PTC accounts

Keeping track of all your PTC logins, passwords, Upgrade status and other important information will save you time and prevent your account from being suspended for inactivity. Make note of each site’s Terms of Service for removing inactive accounts, rules regarding minimum clicks per day to receive referral earnings and other account details. Some sites require you to login every 30 days, so having a spreadsheet keeps you organized.

Tip 3. Upgrade your Account

Many Pay-to-click websites have an option to upgrade your account for higher earnings and referral commissions. This will let you reach minimum cashout quicker, and also increase your referral income which we will discuss next.

Tip 4. Promote your Referral Link

The real earnings from PTC sites come from building referrals, which allows you to earn a commission on your referrals’ clicks. Each site will most likely have a referral program that provides you with a unique link to share. When new users signup with your referral link, your account will be credited with a percentage of their click revenue. If you do not have a website, you can promote your referral links on Twitter, Facebook, Google and also buy Advertising on various PTC sites.

For example, you can Buy Advertising on PTC Site A to promote your referral link for PTC Site B. Since the users on PTC Site A are already using PTC sites, they will most likely sign up for PTC Site B. Then you will earn commissions for each of those referrals that signed up for PTC Site B.

If you do not have any money to invest in Upgrades or Advertising, that’s ok! You can get paid for clicking ads without any money to start. After you build up money on a variety of PTC sites, you can start re-investing your earnings into Upgrades, Buying/Renting Referrals and Advertising your referral links. Over time you will have lots of referrals on multiple sites and earning decent income on auto-pilot.

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