how to know if short link site legal or scam?

If you are a Faucet Owner then definitely you may use multiple shorteners. If you are not using multiple shorteners then you may not earn more. You need a good Faucet Script which supports Multiple Shorteners according to the unique views.

Anyway, this topic for those owners who use multiple shorteners. Oh, shorteners no one trust on them. Anytime they can turn into a scam. You may know about BeerMoneyForum, they regularly update the status of shortener that they are SCAM or LEGIT. But suppose you are using more than 20 Shorteners then it is a very boring and time taken process to go daily on Beermoneyforum and check that the shorteners which you are using are SCAM or LEGIT.

Is there a shortcut way to track the status of Shorteners?

Yes, we made a simple script for you for free, which will daily check from BeerMoneyForum and let you know which one is SCAM or LEGIT. And finally, daily it will send you an Email that which shorteners among your list are SCAM or LEGIT. That’s cool, right? Let’s do it now itself.

Step – 1

Just create a new file named shortlink-tracker.php and paste the below code in it-

 function website_status($urls){
    foreach ($urls as $url) {
        echo get_title($url);
        echo '<br/>';
 function get_title($url){
    $str = file_get_contents($url);
      $str = trim(preg_replace('/\s+/', ' ', $str)); // supports line breaks inside <title>
      preg_match("/\<title\>(.*)\<\/title\>/i",$str,$title); // ignore case
      return $title[1];
$l[0] = '';
$l[1] = '';
$l[2] = '';
$l[3] = '';
$l[4] = '';
$l[5] = '';
$l[6] = '';
$l[7] = '';
$l[8] = '';
$l[9] = '';
$l[10] = '';
$l[11] = '';
$l[12] = '';
$l[13] = '';
$l[14] = '';
$l[15] = '';
$l[16] = '';
$l[17] = '';
$l[18] = '';
$l[19] = '';
$l[20] = '';
echo website_status($l);

In code, you can see multiple shortener links of shorteners. You can get those links from Beermoneyforum and replace. Believe me, this will be one-time work only.

Step – 2

Open you cPanel> FileManager and upload the above file. To test that it is working or not just open that file in browser < shortlink-tracker.php>. It will take some time and finally you will see the result. The result is nothing but the title of the Shortener from Beermoney forum, which is enough to check shortener is SCAM or LEGIT.

Step – 3

Open your cPanel>Cron Jobs. Configure a cron job to daily run this script and send you a Email for you daily with final Result.

All done!!! Enjoy

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