How to Add custom short link site to FaucetInAbox ultimate

faucet in abox is the most popular free faucet script

in this post you will be able to add your own custom short link sites

but first if you don’t have it or use old version you can get the last version from the script from here:

follow this simple tips and you will be able to add your own short link in it

first :

open admin.php file with any editor: you will find it in the root directory in the script

second : go to line 438 : this in the last version you will see the code like this

all you have to do remove this mark (/*) from the line 438

and line 452 (*/) .

then add your custom short link and api link like in this photo

all you need to do now save your changes and go to you admin panel site and scroll down in the short link list you will find your custom site there add your api like any site and save changes

Or simply use our ready admin.php file with updates to our API features all you have to do replace it with your admin file in the root for the script then open your admin panel , scroll down to the end of the short links panel you will find our site there add your api from API shortner page it will be like this : ktNV9E4NHklASxrNufnuWyiyf3R59R .

you can download it from here


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