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Main Features to the earning ::

  • ads around all the site.
  • Short links :: add as you want with its count.
  • PTC :: get traffic to your site or any link by reward the users
  • Tasks system :: reward users to complete your tasks
  • Offer Walls :: join 4 offerwalls sites  > wannads,ptcwall,theoremreach and asiamag
  • custom Pages:: you can add your referral sites and others
  • users can buy banners on the head of your site
  • users can buy ptc ads and share their task with fee

what make user join my site??
users can get rewards for multi earning ways such as

  • manual faucet: free rewards every some time
  • autofaucet :: works with their bounces that they get from PTC,PTCL,Tasks and Offers
  • visiting short links PTC
  • PTC wall :: simple and easy way to get rewards
  • offerwalls that do not depend on their country (asia-mag)
  • Complete Tasks:: that you send or other users
  • referral system :: share their link and get rewards from their refferals

  users can withdraw their funds after confirm via paypal and
  we support (4) altcoin :: BTC , LTC ,ETH and DOGE

what about advertising on the site??

  • users can advertise on your site by buying banners on the head of the site.
  • buy PTC ads .
  • they can share tasks such as CPA or others

   advertisers can deposit on the site via paypal and supported altcoins
   they can control their funds on the site

wait !! what about admin Panel ??
    what i can do with it ??

admin can do every thing you can expect and want from his dashboard

  • control every thing from setting :: faucet , PTC ,PTC, layout and more…..
  • Add his tasks , short links , referrals sites , PTC ads
  • share news for the site
  • check users reports
  • pay to users via
  • more….. and more…

is there other features??
ya, there are a lot ,:: like

  • verification login system via sending email
  • share social network plugin :: that user share his ref link directly
  • chat room plugin
  • notification system for payment completing tasks and others
  • and many more..

what about security 


it is the first thing we always thing in it

  • recaptcha for faucet and autofaucet
  • anti-bot system on PTC wall
  • last version for anti-adblocker
  • IP block via third party site
  • from admin panel can control and trace users activities
    • many other features are build in the site to avoid hackers attacks and cheaters

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