FOXcoin multi earning ways

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Who Are We:

we are new brand company but we aim to be the biggest micro company in the word.

our developers are working every day to add new futures to the site.

Workers Futures:

  • #free bounces and coins in register
  • #free coins every hour
  • #collect coins from
  •   $$ visiting short links
  •    $$ visiting sites
  •   $$ complete offers
  •   $$ complete simple tasks
  •   $$ earn more with our best partners
  •   $$ refs program 50% lifetime
    • more futures are added every day.

Advrtisers Futures:

  • $$ buy banners in the head of the site
  •   $$ share your refs and own sites in the ptc wall
  •   $$ share your tasks

Deposit System:

  • Paypal
  • direct different crypto coins

Withdraw Syetem:

  • Paypal
  • micro wallet :
  • direct withdraw via crypto (coming soon).

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