Earn money doing online paid surveys

In this section we will be adding all the pages, panels and platforms with which you can earn money by doing paid surveys , without a doubt, one of the best methods that exist today to earn money on the Internet.

The variety of free sites that we have at our disposal are many and very varied. A great opportunity that should not be missed 

All the pages you will see in this section are completely free . They have no cost and will not. We will be paid simply for filling out surveys and giving our opinion on a multitude of different products, services and topics.

Most of the time they will give us points that we can then exchange for money through Paypal or bank transfer .

For companies, our opinion is very important, that’s why sometimes you will receive surveys on products that have not even been released. I suppose the typical person who has asked us for a few minutes of our time to give us their opinion about something in a survey has come to all of us at home or work.

Advantages of online paid surveys

What are the  advantages  of earning money by completing online surveys? Mainly these are:

  • 100% free method . In no case should you invest money.
  • Total freedom . There are no schedules or obligations.
  • Comfort . Answering surveys is something that can be done from anywhere (PC, mobile or tablet).
  • Payments . Withdrawal minimums on each page are usually very low and affordable for all types of users.
  • Means to collect . Most of these platforms use proven methods to pay their users (PayPal, bank transfer, Skrill, etc.).
  • Reliability . Online surveys are based on serious and sustainable business.

Is it possible to earn money doing paid surveys online?

Yes, of course it is possible. Thousands of people around the world are already generating income from home completely free of charge and without any risk or obligation thanks to paid surveys.

From my point of view, it is one of the best ways to earn money online in a simple and effective way. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that with this type of pages we are not going to earn a lot of money, but simply an extra income that, in these difficult times, always comes wonderfully 

Any site or person who promises to earn thousands of dollars from completing online surveys   is lying . Although it is a simple method and suitable for any type of person (no special knowledge is required), a minimum of perseverance and patience is necessary.

Surveys for money: how much can you earn?

That will depend on many factors. The ideal to maximize profits is to be registered on all possible pages and take advantage of the invitation systems of each one of them. Among some things and others, you can earn a good extra salary on a monthly basis.

Obviously, the time dedicated to this type of activity is also very relevant. For example, a person who conducts surveys for money 8 hours a day, can earn quite a respectable amount .

However, a student or full-time worker who conducts a survey in his spare time, will simply have the opportunity to get a little extra money for a whim or specific expense.

It is true that, depending on the country of residence, these earnings can vary quite a bit , with Anglo-Saxon countries benefiting the most in this regard. Countries like Spain and all those that belong to Latin America, we have to settle for much lower incomes.

Anyway, I am one of those who thinks that few do a lot. Do you think the same?

If yes, keep reading because you are going to know all the recommended pages to make money doing online surveys 

Best Paid Survey Pages

This list (permanently updated every week), will include all the pages to earn money doing online paid surveys that are available to users from all countries .

Anyone can register completely free of charge and start generating income from the first day 

1.- ySense

What until recently was the best PTC in the world, has become one of the best paid survey pages. It also has more ways to earn money completely free. It serves for all countries.

It is one of the few pages where you can collect through four important payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon, Skrill and Payoneer. Recently the domain and the name of the web have changed (previously it was ClixSense).

Paid surveys in ClixSense

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes  

2.- Myiyo

Reliable online paid surveys for all countries and in multiple languages. Great referral system to increase profits. You can earn € 0.50 for each invited friend who completes their first survey. Several years working and paying with total normality.

Prizes are received through PayPal from € 20 accumulated in your account balance. The company behind it is called Mo’web GmbH and is legally registered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Make money doing surveys on Myiyo

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

3.- King of Prizes

With a catalog of more than 250 awards, the new page of the renowned Spanish company Innovate Hall Media is one of the best opportunities to earn money with paid surveys. It also has a wide range of offers and tasks to increase profits considerably.

The website has a very pleasant and easy to use interface that of course is fully translated into Spanish. The support is excellent.

King of Prizes polls

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

4.- American Consumer Opinion

Another veteran and reliable paid survey page. For all countries. Currently, it does not have its own referral system, so obtaining a withdrawal is more complicated.

Anyway, the platform has recently had major changes and the interface is now much easier and friendlier.

Work doing surveys at ACOP

  Good ***   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

5.- SurveyRewardz

Veteran page of paid online surveys. Online since 2014. Payments through PayPal and bank check. Quite affordable retirement minimum for everyone ($ 1).

It has a very interesting referral system, where you can get up to $ 3 for each valid affiliate.

SurveyRewardz Surveys

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

6.- Green Panthera

Paid survey page for all countries. Payments are received in dollars through PayPal. They give away $ 5 when you register for the first time. They send many surveys conveniently to the selected email. One of the best today.

The minimum withdrawal is located at a slightly high amount ($ 30), but it is reached relatively easily thanks to the initial welcome bonus and the large number of surveys that you can complete on a daily basis.

Free Paid Surveys at Green Panthera

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

7.- Survey Work

Interesting site to earn money filling out surveys and doing simple tasks. It serves all countries, including Spain and Latin America. Minimum payment very easy to achieve ($ 2). Payments by PayPal.

Survey Work survey logo

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

8.- Opinion Bureau

Veteran web to earn money doing paid surveys. Totally free. They give € 5 to new users. They pay by PayPal from just 10 euros. Great affiliate system to increase profits considerably.

If you prefer to charge in other ways, you should not worry, since the prize catalog includes a lot of gift cards and even virtual debit cards to buy online.

Opinion Bureau review in Spanish

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

9.- MarketAgent

Free website to make money doing surveys available for many countries. Minimum to withdraw as little as € 2. They pay through PayPal and Skrill. You can earn 100 points (€ 1) for each invited friend.

The website has been online no more and no less than since 2000, which makes it a guarantee of seriousness and reliability. Currently, it has more than a million registered users and companies as important as Google or Coca Cola have contracted their services in different market studies.

Earn money with surveys on MarketAgent

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

10.- Hintwave

Interesting European market research platform. Most paid surveys are provided by the prestigious CINT company. Available for Spain and several countries in Europe and Latin America. The minimum to withdraw is € 10 by PayPal.

1 euro bonus for each person who signs up with our referral link and completes their first three surveys.

Hintwave Market Research

  Good ***   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

11.- Pollyvox

Panel of paid surveys of French origin. Available for Spain and Mexico. Payments from € 10 (10,000 points) by PayPal. You can earn many points by inviting friends.

Pollyvox paid surveys

  Good ***   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes

12.- Prolific

Paid survey platform very different from normal. They pay by PayPal and also in sterling, which is very advantageous for all Spanish-speaking users.

The surveys are carried out by young students and have an academic and scientific purpose. Minimum payment of just £ 5. Available for Spain, Mexico and Chile. Highly recommended.

Surveys paid with pounds in Prolific

  Very good *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

13.- Mobrog

One of the best panels to make money with surveys from home. It has a very easy to obtain minimum withdrawal (only € 5). In addition to PayPal, it is one of the few that Skrill has as a method to withdraw profits. It is used for Spain and almost all the countries of Latin America.

The website has been online since 2015 and the company behind it is Splendid Research GmbH, a famous German company of recognized prestige.

Mobrog surveys

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

14.- SurveyPronto

Lots of polls to earn money with the “sister” of Green Panthera. It belongs to the same company (A & K International Inc) and also has a succulent welcome gift for new users ($ 5).

It is used for people from Spain and various Latin American countries. Although the minimum payment is a little high ($ 30), the high frequency of sending surveys allows regular withdrawals to the most active and constant users.

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

15.- Univox Community

Reliable panel of paid surveys that has been running since 2011. It can be paid through PayPal and Amazon from $ 25. It has a welcome bonus of $ 2 for those who register for the first time.

You can also earn $ 1 for each person who signs up with your invite link and completes their first survey. The most active users are rewarded through the “Wall of Fame”, where they earn reward points on a daily and monthly basis. It has an official forum.

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

16.- PrizeRebel

Veteran platform of tasks and paid surveys. Online since 2007. Points are obtained that can then be exchanged for money by PayPal or prepaid VISA cards, in addition to gift vouchers for Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc.

There are five types of contests that reward the most active users. With some exceptions, all countries are allowed.

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

17.- GlobalTestMarket

One of the oldest paid survey pages. Solid and reliable since 1999. More than 20 years distributing prizes among its huge community of users. It has recently been renamed and is called LifePoints.

Along with Green Panthera, it is the panel that sends the most surveys to its users.

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

18.- Surveyeah

Another page of paid surveys online of recognized prestige and with an impeccable track record. Since its launch in 2014, it has not stopped growing and evolving, currently being a benchmark in the online opinion sector with more than two million registered users.

Although at first it was only available for the country where the company resides, Italy, now it has several agreements with the best external panels and can offer its services in a total of 123 countries, including Spain and all of those that make up Latin America.

In addition to paying through PayPal, Skrill and Amazon, it is one of the few platforms on this list (if not the only one) that also has Western Union and MoneyGram in its catalog of awards, two payment gateways widely used in some countries .

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

Best paid surveys for Spain

This list (also permanently updated) will include all those panels of reliable paid surveys that serve exclusively for Spain.

Only Spanish users can register and enjoy these paid online survey sites.Do not reside in Spain ? 

You can use VPN services like HideMyAss to change the IP of your country, although remember that  it is not allowed  and your account can be canceled at any time. Use it at your own risk.

1.- Toluna

Filling out surveys for money is what the thousands of users who make up the huge community of Toluna have been doing for many years. Although it is sometimes surrounded by some controversy, it is still a highly recommended platform.

It has a good catalog of prizes, among which you can find payments by bank transfer and different gift vouchers.

Make money doing surveys with Toluna

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

2.- Ipsos (i-Say)

Formerly known as Ipsos, its current name is i-Say. Great community with more than 3 million users where you have the opportunity to win great prizes for sharing opinions and completing paid surveys online.

Serious and reliable company that has been operating since 1975. You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards or direct money to your PayPal account.

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

3.- LifePoints

Formerly known as MySurvey, it is arguably the largest and most reputable consumer panel in the world. Wide variety of surveys to earn money easily and reliably. In my opinion, it is one of the best pages. As the only negative point, it only serves for users resident in Spain.

However, on many occasions they open the registry to users from other countries, so it is advisable to visit the official website to make sure.

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

4.- Opinion Center

Paid survey page with one of the lowest minimums to collect (only € 2.50). One of its strengths is that it pays instantly by PayPal, although if you prefer, you can also get gift cards for iTunes and Amazon.

The platform offers market studies in seven European countries, among which, of course, is Spain.

  Good ***   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

5.- askGfK

Another reliable page to earn money with online surveys. From the same owners as GFK, a renowned international market research panel. Payments are made using Amazon gift cards.

They give away € 2 just for registering, although you need the invitation link of a user who is already registered. Don’t worry, you can use mine

Money for surveys on askGfK

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

6.- We Are Testers

Original free paid survey platform. To highlight its short-term and well-paid tests. Currently, it has more than 80,000 registered users who offer their opinions in exchange for remuneration.

Payments are received exclusively through PayPal. It has great support through email, chat and social networks.

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes 

7.- Give your opinion and win

Free site that pays to answer surveys and simple market research. Up to 2 euros per completed survey. Prizes through checks and gift cards. Only available for Spain.

  Good ***   Paying: Yes. Recommended:

8.- Survey

Paid survey page with PayPal payments. Exclusively aimed at the Spanish market. The minimum payment is quite low (7 euros), so any active user can reach it with relative ease.

It has a very attractive referral system with which you can greatly increase earnings.

  Good ***   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes

9.- YouGov

Prestigious platform of opinion and paid surveys of British origin. Possibility of winning gift vouchers for Amazon completely free of charge. Available for several countries in Europe (including Spain).

Recently the platform has included Mexico as the only country in Latin America that can get awards on the web.

  Excellent *****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: Yes

10.- Paid surveys.es

Another reliable page to make money with market research and product testing. It belongs to Creonline, a reputed French affiliate company. You can charge by PayPal from € 10.

Gift cards for Amazon are also available. The most active users receive checks of € 10.

  Very good ****   Paying: Yes. Recommended: yes

Paid survey pages not recommended

In order to have this list as complete and updated as possible, here we will be adding the pages to make money by doing surveys that have stopped paying or are a fraud.

We will also include those that have suddenly closed or do not allow new registrations. This will allow no one to waste their time on sites that are no longer recommended. 

1.- Hiving

Online paid surveys available to users in Spain and some Latin American countries. Low collection minimum, easy to get to. For some months now it has stopped paying all users.

The support is non-existent and they do not answer by mail or by social networks.

How to charge for doing surveys?

Doing surveys and earning money is a reality but … how are the profits collected? How will I receive the reward for my work? Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about that.

The means used by the vast majority of pages that pay to carry out surveys are well known to all. Reliable and secure electronic wallets where anyone can register completely free of  charge .

Tips for answering surveys and making money

To finish, I am going to leave a series of very useful tips for all those who intend to start in this world of earning money by answering online surveys. I follow them and they have always worked very well for me

•   Registering on these pages is completely free and you can also unsubscribe. You have no obligation to stay registered for any time, so you can leave it at any time.

•   To earn more money you can register with many of these companies at the same time, but try not to give false opinions or data in the surveys or in your registry (sometimes there will be no other choice).

•   Don’t try to do paid surveys with cheating . You can only register on each page once. Do not register twice with a different name or email, as they will detect your IP and delete your account.

•   When you receive a survey in your email, try to do it as quickly as possible , since there is always a “quota” and when it is complete, you can no longer do it.

•   Not even remotely register on any page that asks you for some kind of initial investment or anything like that. Most likely, it is a scam.

•   Many times you will not find the profile of the survey and you will not be able to carry it out, so you must be patient. Remember to always fill out the profiles at 100% to receive the greatest number of opportunities and with more probabilities of matching the required profile.

•   Although it is not mandatory, my recommendation is that you open an exclusive email account (preferably Gmail) to receive and complete surveys. It is a simple way to have everything cleaner and tidy.

Conclusion and link to the best tricks

If anyone has any questions regarding the pages to earn money doing surveys that I will be showing here, do not hesitate to leave a comment or visit the contact form located at the bottom of the blog.Do not know how to complete your profile ? 

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